SAURER History

General development

1853 Franz SAURER establishes a foundry at St. Georgen near St. Gallen, Switzerland.
1862 The workshops are transferred to Arbon at the lake of Constance.
1869 The name of the Firm is changed into “Franz Saurer & Sons, Arbon”.
1870 Establishing of the Works Sick Fund.
1886 Adolph Saurer takes over the business.
1897 Founding of a Worker’s Commission by Adolph Saurer.
1903 Founding of a Worker’s Aid Fund.
1920 The Firm changes into a Limited Company.
1959 Capital stock 20 million francs.

More than 4000 workers and employees.

Embroidery Machines & Accessories

1853 Castings for textile machinery.
1869 First hand - operated embroidery machine built by Saurer.
1878 First Saurer - built shuttle embroidery machine.
1890 The threading loom invented by Saurer.
1912 First Saurer embroidery automaton.
1916 Saurer shuttle embroidery machines: models 1S, 10, 15 yards.
1931 Saurer shuttle embroidery machines: model 2S.

Ribbon Looms
1910 First high – speed single shuttle ribbon loom.
1920 First high speed multi shuttle ribbon looms.

Models and Year:
24B 1924
36B 1934
15B 1938
60B 1939
40B 1951

1929 Model 2Bb for heavy fabrics.
1936 Model 22Ba/22Bb for light fabrics.

Broad cloth Looms
1921 First trial loom without superstructure
1927 Large scale production of looms model 4W and 5W.
1928 Warp let – off motion automatic model 32D.
1936 Looms for light- and medium-weight fabrics: model 100W.
1948 Looms for heavy fabrics: model 200W.
Six color automatic looms Box Loader.

Engines and Vehicules

1888 First Saurer Kerosene engine for stationary applications.
1896 Kerosene engines for automobiles.
1903 First lorry with petrol engine.
1904 First buses and passenger cars.
1908 First diesel engine for motor cars in the world.
1919 Opening of regular postal coach services on some Alpine roads with Saurer coaches.
1928 Diesel engines with air cells.
1932 Cross stream diesel engines.
1934 Diesels with direct fuel injection and the Saurer system of dual turbulence.
1935 Small high – speed diesel units for passenger cars and vans with direct diesel fuel injection, annular swirl and mushroom type nozzles.
1938 Heavy cross - country vehicules with all wheel drive for the Swiss Army.
1938 Diesels with exhaust gas turbo chargers.
1938 Modern trolleybuses.
1940 Diesels for stationary applications.
1942 Railway diesels up to 700 HP.
1946 Extra large capacity buses with diesel engines positioned at side or rear.
1952 Light touring coaches with self supporting body.

Diesels with mechanically driven helical lobe super chargers.
1955 Vehicules with under - floor engines.
1955 First articulated bus for the town of Zurich.
1955 Plattform frame for buses.

Aircraft Engines

1917 Eight cylinder 150 HP aircraft engines under licence of Hispano – Suiza.
1928 Nine cylinder 450 HP radial type engine, licence of Gnôme et Rhône.
1932 Resumption of manufacturing of Hispano – Suiza engines.
1944 Saurer four stroke engine with fuel injection.